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Welcome to Microsoft Research Summit
October 19-21, 2021

For 30 years, our research community at Microsoft has worked across disciplines, institutions, and geographies to envision and realize the promise of new technologies for Microsoft and for society. Today, we’re inviting the global science and technology community to continue this exploration—because ensuring that future advancements benefit everyone is up to all of us.

Join us at the inaugural Microsoft Research Summit, streaming virtually across three time zones. You’ll have the opportunity to hear from science and technology leaders from around the world—people who are driving advances across the sciences and pushing the limits of technology toward achieving a meaningful impact on humanity.

Agenda At-a-Glance

The event will start in three broadcast regions (China Standard Time, British Summer Time, and Pacific Time). Once registered, attendees will have access to the full agenda with session details and can select a start time that works best for their time zone.
Day 1 - October 19 Day 2 - October 20 Day 3 - October 21
Ashley Llorens, Vice President & Distinguished Scientist, Research and Incubations, Microsoft
Morning Plenary
Peter Lee, CVP Research & Incubations, Microsoft
Day 1 Tracks
Advancing human knowledge and foundational technologies
  • Future of Cloud Networking
  • Future of Search and Recommendation
  • Deep Learning & Large-Scale AI
Amplifying human creativity and achievement
  • Empowering Software Developers & Mathematicians with Next-Gen AI
  • New Future of Work
Fostering a resilient and sustainable society
  • Research for Carbon Negative
Supporting a healthy global society
  • Health & Life Sciences: Discovery
Ensuring that technology is trustworthy and beneficial to everyone
  • Responsible AI
Afternoon Plenary
danah boyd, Partner Researcher, Microsoft & John Abowd, Chief Scientist, US Census Bureau
Ashley Llorens, Vice President & Distinguished Scientist, Research and Incubations, Microsoft

Track Overviews

Tracks cover unique topics at the forefront of technology research. Each track contains multiple sessions, like panel discussions, keynotes, demos, and more from researchers, academics, and industry experts worldwide.

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